Techonomy 17


Techonomy 17

Nov 5, 2017 ET

“The idea that fake news on Facebook…influenced the election in any way, I think is a pretty crazy idea,” said Mark Zuckerberg onstage at Techonomy 2016. He has subsequently recanted, but there is a reason his notorious words were uttered here. We are probing.

This conference, unlike others, puts the change-making leaders and thinkers on stage and pushes them to go further, so business and social leaders can gain deeper understanding. It’s where leaders come to explore how tech changes everything, and get answers. If you’ve never been to Techonomy, click here to view the four-minute video about our conference, or request an invitation to Techonomy 2017, November 5-7 at the Ritz-Carlton Half Moon Bay.

Techonomy events are a unique blend of highly curated programming and room-wide dialogue, in combination with lots of networking. We bring together the top thinkers, executives, and entrepreneurs. It’s a fertile environment for collaboration and discussion, all focused on tech’s shocking and unassailable impact on business and society. How can any leader not be worrying about that these days? Our events are highly interactive. We don’t believe in a broadcast format. We want discussion. To ensure great dialogue, we curate who we invite and end up with a uniquely diverse, extremely stimulating group.

This year’s theme, The Convergence of Man and Machine, offers a framework to explore artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, robotics, and global connectivity, among other topics.  The program includes probing onstage interviews, short talks, thoughtfully curated panels, and interactive breakout sessions.

You’ve heard about speakers like Verizon’s Lowell McAdam and Cisco’s John Chambers, but here are more unique elements in our deeply-considered, highly-curated program:

  • the chief scientist at Amazon’s Alexa group joined by an interface expert who left Facebook to work on brain interfaces, plus a top sociologist, on people vs. machines
  • the biological technologies chief at DARPA
  • multiple discussions about the “new hegemonists”—Amazon, Facebook, and Google—the world they create, authority, privacy, and fake news
  • A session on The Blockchain Economy
  • Beth Comstock of GE with former Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker
  • CEO Mark Bertolini of Aetna, on Obamacare and American health (plus author Dean OrnishOscar CEO Mario Schlosser, and others driving that topic further)
  • Campbell Soup CEO Denise Morrison on the future of food
  • Journalists Steven Levy of Backchannel and The New York Times’ Nathaniel Popper & Katie Benner
  • A session on autonomous vehicles, both cars and drones
  • Rolling Stone‘s Jeff Goodell on climate change and the coming world of water
  • Can AI Save Democracy? plus more on elections, government, & tech

Our participants represent all aspects of our society.  From CEOs to university chancellors, business and engineering school deans to corporate Chief Innovation and Information Officers, Techonomy’s audience is as diverse as it is deep.

Speaker submissions for Techonomy 2017 are closed.  If you would like to suggest a speaker for Techonomy’s 2018 events, please email


10:00 am

Registration Opens

11:00 am - 2:00 pm

Social + Networking Activities

Coastal Bike Tour, Golf Clinic

2:45 - 5:50 pm

Opening Sessions

2:45 pm


Josh Kampel

CEO, Worth Media Group

David Kirkpatrick

Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Techonomy

Simone Ross

Co-founder and Chief Program Officer, Techonomy

3:00 pm

Can We Handle the Coming Convergence of Man and Machine?

Mary Lou Jepsen

Founder and CEO, Openwater

Tessa Lau

CTO and Chief Robot Whisperer, Savioke

Rohit Prasad

Vice President and Head Scientist -- Alexa Machine Learning, Amazon

David Kirkpatrick

Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Techonomy

3:45 pm

The Future of Brain-Machine Interfaces

Justin Sanchez

Director, Biological Technologies Office, DARPA

4:00 pm

A Conversation with Beth Comstock and Penny Pritzker

Beth Comstock

Vice Chair, GE

Penny Pritzker

Former Secretary, U.S. Department of Commerce

David Kirkpatrick

Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Techonomy

4:25 pm

Reckoning with the New Hegemonists

Mark Mahaney

Managing Director, Internet, RBC Capital Markets

Dave Morgan

Chief Executive Officer, Simulmedia, Inc.

Joyce Vance

Distinguished Visiting Lecturer in Law, The University of Alabama

David Kirkpatrick

Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Techonomy

5:15 pm

180° Shift Talks on the nexus of tech & food

5:25 pm

Feed Me

Denise Morrison

President and CEO, Campbell Soup Company

Amanda Little

Professor - Journalism, Vanderbilt University

5:50 pm

Opening Sessions Wrap

6:00 pm


Hosted by Verizon

7:00 pm


Hosted by Accenture

8:45 pm

What is Your Biggest Hope or Fear for the World?

A room-wide dialogue

Yvonne Cagle

Chief Scientist / Astronaut, NASA

Dan’l Lewin

Board Advisor

Xiaoning Qi

CEO, C-SKY Microsystems

7:00 am

Registration Opens

Johnson & Johnson Well-Being Workout

A new holistic training experience for your mind, body and spirit. This 30-minute class will build physical fitness, mental resilience, and a sense of calm and optimism.

7:15 am

Breakfast Session

Eat Well, Move More, Stress Less, Love More: The Healing Power of Lifestyle Medicine

8:30 - 10:45 am

Morning Sessions

8:30 am


8:45 am

Entrepreneurship, Competitiveness, and America's Challenge

A conversation

9:05 am

Retail's Rubicon

Julie Bornstein

Former Chief Operating Officer, Stitch Fix

Mark Bonchek

Chief Epiphany Officer, Shift Thinking

10:05 am

Advancing Global Health with Tech

Oliver Hsiang

Global Head of Health Technology Partnerships & Corporate Development, Johnson & Johnson

Vyomesh Joshi

CEO, 3D Systems

Roy Smythe

CEO, SomaLogic Inc.

David Kirkpatrick

Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Techonomy

10:45 am


11:15 am

Sessions in Parallel

The Path to Autonomous Mobility

Mark Bartolomeo

Vice President, Connected Solutions - Internet of Things, Verizon

Melissa Cefkin

Principal Scientist, Design Anthropologist at Nissan Research Center, Nissan

Douglas Davis

Senior Vice President and General Manager, Automated Driving Group, Intel Corporation

Steven Levy

Editor-in-Chief, Backchannel

12:15 - 1:15 pm


1:30 pm

Sessions in Parallel

The Uncertain, Unstable, Changing Nature of Work

Byron Auguste

President and Co-Founder, Opportunity@Work

Sasan Goodarzi

Executive Vice President and General Manager Small Business Group, Intuit

Sheila Marcelo

Founder, Chairwoman, and CEO,

The Blockchain Economy

Brian Forde

Congressional Candidate for U.S. Congress,

Dominic Williams

President and Chief Scientist, DFINITY

2:30 pm

Switch Break

2:45 - 5:45 pm

Afternoon Sessions

2:45 pm

Good Afternoon

4:30 pm

180° Shift Talks

Understanding Government in the 21st Centjury

Tim Hwang

Public Policy and Government Relations Counsel, Google, Inc.

4:40 pm

How Tech is Remaking the Construction Industry

Michael Marks

Chairman and Founder, Katerra

Lincoln Wood

Regional Director of Technology and Innovation, Turner Construction Company

Tracy Young

CEO and Co-founder, PlanGrid

Simone Ross

Co-founder and Chief Program Officer, Techonomy

5:30 pm
5:50 pm

Afternoon Sessions Conclude

6:00 am


Hosted by IBM

6:45 pm


Hosted by Philips

7:00 am

Registration Opens

Johnson & Johnson Well-Being Workout

A new holistic training experience for your mind, body and spirit. This 30-minute class will build physical fitness, mental resilience, and a sense of calm and optimism.

7:45 - 8:45 am

Breakfast Roundtables

Leadership Breakfast Session

In partnership with Duke Corporate Education and Johnson & Johnson

Lowinn Kibbey

Global Head of the Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute, Johnson & Johnson

Blair Sheppard

Global Leader, Strategy and Leadership Development, PwC

Can Tech and Government Save Democracy?

Tim Hwang

Founder and CEO, FiscalNote

Minnie Ingersoll

COO at Code for America, Code For America

Lawrence Norden

Deputy Director, Democracy Program at Brennan Center for Justice, NYU School of Law

Molly Turner

Lecturer, UC Berkeley Haas School of Business

Jon Fine


9:00 am - 12:30 pm

Closing Sessions

9:00 am


9:10 am

Cognitive Computing, Security and Innovation’s Promise

A Conversation With

John Kelly

Senior Vice President, Cognitive Solutions and IBM Research, IBM

David Kirkpatrick

Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Techonomy

9:35 am

Extending Reality

Marc Carrel-Billiard

Global Senior Managing Director - Accenture Labs, Accenture

Tony Parisi

Global Head of VR/AR Brand Solutions, Unity Technologies

Ina Fried

Chief Technology Correspondent, Axios

10:05 am

180° Shift Talks

Nowhere to Hide

Alison Taylor

Director, Sustainability Management, BSR

10:15 am

The Topsy-Turvy World of Media

Jeremy Legg

Chief Technology Officer, Turner

Steve Shannon

General Manager and Senior Vice President of Content & Services, Roku

Josh Kampel

CEO, Worth Media Group

10:45 am

A View from China

Xiaoning Qi

CEO, C-SKY Microsystems

11:00 am

The Internet Under Attack

Peder Jungck

Chief Technology Officer - Intelligence & Security sector, BAE Systems

David Kirkpatrick

Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Techonomy

12:20 pm

Closing Remarks

12:30 pm

Conference Ends


Supporting Partners

November 5-7 at the Ritz-Carlton Half Moon Bay


The Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay, Miramontes Point Road, Half Moon Bay, CA, USA

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