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Dan’l Lewin

Dan’l Lewin

Board Advisor

After 16 years, recently left his position as Corporate Vice President at Microsoft, leading the company’s work in applying technology for public good. Collaborating cross-company and with external partners, the team focused on scalable impact within a portfolio spanning campaign and civic technologies, affordable internet access, environmental sustainability, and collaboration with leading research universities.

Previously, Lewin led Microsoft’s global engagement with startups and venture capitalists and business relationships with strategic industry partners. Lewin reported to Microsoft President Brad Smith and had executive and site responsibility for the company’s operations in Silicon Valley.

Lewin has spent more than 30 years as a Silicon Valley-based executive. His previous experience included leading the initial launch of the Macintosh to higher education for Apple Computer, Inc, as a founder of NeXT, Inc, and leading sales and marketing for GO Corp. Before joining Microsoft in 2001, he was CEO of Aurigin Systems, Inc.

Lewin currently serves as Vice Chairman on the boards of the Silicon Valley Community Foundation and UI Labs, and on the Advisory Council for the Department of Politics at Princeton University. Lewin holds an AB in politics from Princeton University.

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