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To produce our signature journalism and dynamic products that stand apart, we need the finest talent in the world.

At Worth, we employ journalists, developers, strategists, videographers, marketers, art directors and many others. We value employees at all stages of their careers who bring different perspectives and experiences to Worth.

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cantu 250x250 1
Aaron Cantú
Investigative Reporter
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Kenna Baudin
Partner, Global Head of Private Capital, Board & CFO Specialist
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Holly Garrard
Founder & Chief Visionary Officer
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Amee Mungo
Founder & CEO
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Jill Schlesinger
Business Analyst
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Dee Poku
Founder & CEO
2deb4a50 2d46 4a71 b76a 3a1a7ded1221 headshot HeatherCampbellHeadshot 1 1 1
Heather Campbell
CEO & Cofounder
043bfcd4 7a58 4883 82b5 0cddba44709d headshot Roberts Lisa 2023 Master Fullsize Print
Lisa Roberts
Head of U.S. Markets
b55120c3 8006 41aa abc2 ca8028b80954 headshot Daniela Fernandez FINAL 2023
Daniela Fernandez
Founder & CEO
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Gayatri Sarkar
Founder & CEO
80524cdb 9852 4f01 a3f8 318913a5f804 headshot LaKeishaLandrumPierre2
La Keisha Landrum-Pierre
General Partner
fa48eb8f 9a25 4b32 9256 3567ea46e6aa headshot JennyHarvestFinal
Jenny Lefcourt
d1c97cb9 8c1c 4c69 b5b1 0ce873bdac7f headshot 2012 11 David Teten
David Teten
Venture Partner
7be354a1 b2c9 4c49 92fe 03ebcd8b99f5 headshot ELLEN WILCOX LISTEN
Ellen Wilcox
Head of Listening
6ea9cd46 69d6 4ab1 a620 ebb3a142c00c headshot 2023 Gennev Jill Angelo Final IMG 0004 Square
Jill Angelo
Founder & CEO
Leanna Haakons
Leanna Haakons 
Alex Demyanenko
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