Techonomy 16


Techonomy 16

Nov 9, 2016 ET

Man, Machines, and the Network: Toward A Sentient Ecosystem

MANkind’s evolving relationship with tools and MACHINES is nothing new. But the speed at which we, and everything around us, are becoming more closely connected and NETWORKed is. This confluence creates a sentient ecosystem that promises to turn the page on evolution of all kinds.

With the physical world itself communicating and signaling to us at a tech driven pace that’s racing ahead, the implications for global business, government and society of an ecosystem increasingly aware of itself and our interactions with it are as of yet unknowable.

The Internet of Things has increased the ability of machines to sense and adapt to changes in its environment, allowing them to interact with human beings (and vice versa), in a seamless manner. It becomes an instrument of empowerment that lives, listens and adapts. But lives, listens and adapts to whom or to what? And to what end?

As ever increasing volumes of data and information are generated, from increasingly interconnected sources, how do we determine what is urgent, accurate and actionable? With the parallel and linked evolution of artificial and human intelligence, VR and AR, new frameworks are required to ensure that insights and correlations from the intelligence within the IoT create a faster-growing, healthier and wealthier global society.

Join us at Techonomy 2016 to better understand the implications of this massive evolution, as we rapidly shift into a world that is responding, intuiting and adjusting to our every move.

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12:00 - 2:15 pm


3:00 pm

Welcome to TE16

3:15 pm


Joshua Browder

Founder and CEO, DoNotPay

Andrew Lowery

Chief Executive Officer, RealWear, Inc.

Marlin Page

Diversity and Inclusion Officer, FCA Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

Roger Pilc

Executive Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer, Pitney Bowes

Gary Rieschel

Founding Managing Partner, Qiming Venture Partners

3:35 pm

We’re Not in Kansas Anymore: People, Power and Politics After the Tornado

John S. Chen

Executive Chairman and CEO, BlackBerry

Dave Morgan

Chief Executive Officer, Simulmedia, Inc.

Tony Scott

Federal Chief Information Officer and Administrator for E-Government and Information Technology, Office of Management and Budget | The White House

David Kirkpatrick

Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Techonomy

4:40 pm

Toward a Sentient Ecosystem

Claire Delaunay

Co-founder, Otto

Babak Hodjat

Co-founder and Chief Scientist, Sentient Technologies

Ken Washington

SVP, and Chief Technology and Innovation Officer, Medtronic

Michael Chui

Partner, McKinsey Global Institute, McKinsey & Company

5:25 pm

What Digital Society and Government Looks Like

Marina Kaljurand

Former Ambassador to the United States of America, Republic of Estonia

David Kirkpatrick

Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Techonomy

5:40 pm

In conversation with...

William Ruh

SVP and Chief Digital Officer, GE

David Kirkpatrick

Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Techonomy

6:15 - 7:00 pm


Hosted by GE

7:00 - 8:30 pm


Hosted by Accenture

8:45 pm

The Evolution Revolution

Ray Kurzweil

Inventor, Author, Futurist

Vivienne Ming

Co-founder and Executive Chair, Socos

7:00 am


7:00 - 8:00 am

Morning Activities

7:15 - 8:15 am

Breakfast Roundtable

When Planetary Scale Computation Meets Geopolitics

8:30 - 8:40 am

Welcome to Day Two

8:40 am

How Vast an Internet of Things?

Tom Barton

Chief Operating Officer, Planet Labs

Sara Gardner

Chief Technology Officer, Hitachi Insight Group

Emily Chang

Anchor and Executive Producer of “Bloomberg Technology”, Bloomberg Television

9:25 am

The United States of Data I: The Economic Impact of Data Convergence

Marco Annunziata

Chief Economist and Executive Director of Global Market Insight, GE

David Kirkpatrick

Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Techonomy

10:10 am

In conversation with...

James Park

CEO, President and Co-founder, Fitbit

David Kirkpatrick

Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Techonomy

10:30 - 11:00 am


11:00 - 12:00 pm


3. The Modernization of Currency

In association with Omidyar Network

Asheesh Birla

Vice President, Product, Ripple

Lex Sokolin

Global Fintech Co-Head,, ConsenSys

12:00 - 1:15 pm


Hosted by Verizon

1:30 - 2:30 pm


1. New Rules II: Business Engagement

Kevin Bandy

Senior Vice President, Chief Digital Officer, Cisco

Lorraine Bolsinger

Vice President, Leadership Acceleration Program (XLP), General Electric

Blake Irving

Chief Executive Officer, GoDaddy

Josh Kampel

CEO, Worth Media Group

2:30 - 2:45 pm

Switch Break

2:45 pm

Welcome Back

3:00 pm

Is Data Really the Solution to Better Urban Environments?

Mrinalini Ingram

Vice President, Smart Communities, and IoT Market Development, Verizon

3:55 pm

Adrift at Sea: When will Shipping Get Smart?

Robert Chiswick

Program Director, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Solutions, BAE Systems

Anthony DiMare

Co-Founder, CEO, Nautilus Labs

5:00 pm

Circuits of the Mind: Biology is the Model for The Ecorithm Era

Justin Sanchez

Director, Biological Technologies Office, DARPA

Leslie Valiant

T. Jefferson Coolidge Professor of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics, Harvard University

Daniela Hernandez

Digital Science Editor, Wall Street Journal

5:30 pm
6:15 pm


Hosted by McKinsey

7:00 pm


Hosted by Philips


A performance and conversation with singer-songwriter Lolo

Josh Kampel

CEO, Worth Media Group

7:00 am


8:45 - 9:00 am


9:00 am

Welcome Back

9:10 am

In conversation with...

Jeroen Tas

CEO Connected Care & Health Informatics, Philips

David Kirkpatrick

Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Techonomy

9:45 am

New Rules III: Social Engagement

10:35 am

Why the U.S. Government needs an IoT Strategy

Murthy Renduchintala

President, Client and Internet of Things Businesses and Systems Architecture Group, Intel Corporation

David Kirkpatrick

Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Techonomy

11:05 am
11:30 am
12:30 pm



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