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Gernot Wagner

Gernot Wagner

Co-Author of Climate Shock; Research Associate and Lecturer, Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Gernot Wagner is a research associate at Harvard’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, a lecturer on Environmental Science and Public Policy, and a Fellow at the Harvard University Center for the Environment.

His most recent book, Climate Shock, joint with Harvard’s Martin Weitzman and published by Princeton University Press, is a 2015 Top 15 Financial Times McKinsey Business Book. His books have earned plaudits from voices as diverse as Van Jones and Bill McKibben on the one hand and Peter Orszag, Jeff Sachs, and Nassim Nicholas Taleb on the other.

Prior to Harvard, Gernot served as economist at the Environment Defense Fund, most recently as its lead senior economist and member of its Leadership Council. He has taught energy economics at Columbia and the NYU Stern School of Business.

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