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Christiane zu Salm

Christiane zu Salm

Entrepreneur and Publisher, Nicolai Publishing & Intelligence

Christiane zu Salm (born 1966 in Mainz, Germany) is entrepreneur and the re-founder of Nicolai Publishing & Intelligence. Nicolai is one of the oldest publishing houses in Germany. It was founded 1713 by Friedrich Nicolai, one of the most distinguished publishers, authors and booksellers during the Age of Enlightenment. In the coming years, the publishing house will return to its roots whilst breaking new grounds with an innovative publishing concept by combining brains and data. The main emphasis of the publishing programme will be essays in the field of interdisciplinary popular science on the central questions of our times.

Christiane zu Salm, born into a family of publishers, was trained as a book publisher at S.Fischer Publishing and studied business administration at LMU, Munich and at Harvard University, Cambridge, USA before she worked in various positions in the television and music branches of Bertelsmann AG. She went on to become the managing director of MTV Central Europe before founding the interactive TV networks 9Live and sonnenklar TV for IAC Interactive Corp., USA. Later she launched About Change, Ventures, a fund for digital media companies.  She served as a board member for Cross Media at Hubert Burda Media AG. Since 2007 she is also member oft he board of directors of the Swiss media group Ringier AG. The World Economic Forum named her Global Leader for Tomorrow in 2002. In 2006 she was awarded the Eisenhower Fellowship.

As an art collector, Christiane zu Salm focuses on the genre of both historic and contemporary collage in her About Change, Collection. She is also the co-founder of

THE ARTS+ fair and conference that is taking place during the Frankfurt Book Fair. The innovative fair is the first international marketplace for cultural content and acts as a global think tank for the creative sector.

Christiane zu Salm has volunteered in end-of-life care at a hospice in Berlin since 2011. Her experiences inspired her to write tow books: „Dieser Mensch war ich – Nachrufe auf das eigene Leben“ in 2013 and „Weiterleben. Nach dem Verlust eines geliebten Menschen“ in 2016. Both books, published by Random House, became SPIEGEL bestsellers.

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