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Women & Worth Leading Voices: Investing in Venture

Women & Worth Leading Voices: Investing in Venture

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Investing in venture isn’t as intimidating as you think it may be. More women are joining the ranks of female investors as both angel investors and limited partners. What exactly does this mean and what kind of opportunities are available to you? Join Women & Worth for our next Leading Voices event where we are joined by Amber Illig, General Partner, The Council Fund; Gale Wilkinson, Managing Partner, Vitalize VC;  Tessa Flippin, Founder & Managing Partner, Capitalize VC; and Lindsey Taylor Wood, CEO General Partner, The Helm to discover investment opportunities with their funds.

Leading Voices is a monthly series featuring groundbreaking women from our community who are leading the charge when it comes to building a more equitable economy for women. In addition to this series, we host events throughout the year. We are just coming off our hugely successful Annual Women & Worth Summit. Videos and recaps are available online here.

Moderator: Laura Nix Gerson, Worth Media Group

  • Amber Illig, General Partner, The Council Fund
  • Gale Wilkinson, Managing Partner, Vitalize VC
  • Tessa Flippin, Founder & Managing Partner, Capitalize VC
  • Lindsey Taylor Wood, CEO General Partner, The Helm
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