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Exploring Today’s New Retail Environment with Joel Bines

Exploring Today’s New Retail Environment with Joel Bines

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Consumers today are more conscious than ever about the brands they use. They see their dollars as a way to support causes and companies they believe in, and use them to make their voice heard in the marketplace.

Retail thought leader Joel Bines noticed this movement and defined it in his new book, The Metail Economy. Joel is an expert business leader from AlixPartners who has a track record of successfully improving the performance of retailers, wholesalers, and service companies in the Retail space.

What is Metail? Joel defines it as the inversion of the traditional power dynamics of retail, resulting in the consumer being in charge. In his book, Joel argues that businesses need to embrace this power change and become self-aware in order to survive in the new status quo.

In this episode, Joel and Jim discuss The Metail Economy, trends they’ve seen, and the role of business within social and political movements.

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