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Developing a Global Perspective with Natalia Brzezinski

Developing a Global Perspective with Natalia Brzezinski

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As the daughter of Polish and Ukrainian immigrants working to create a better life, Natalia Brzezinski has been immersed in multiculturalism from day one. Natalia is an acclaimed journalist, communications expert, and global citizen who has worked everywhere from the Huffington Post to the US Embassy in Sweden, to her current role at the Stockholm-based Klarna.

In this episode, Natalia and Jim discuss the power inherent to storytelling, how Natalia’s upbringing in an immigrant community shaped her worldview, and her takes on current events such as the War in Ukraine, the Revolution in Iran, and global climate change.


Natalia Brzezinski, Global Business Development, Klarna

Moderator: Jim McCann, Founder & Chairman of and Clarim Media; Senior Advisor to Atlas Merchant Capital

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