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How Climate Change is Affecting Winemaking with Greg Jones

How Climate Change is Affecting Winemaking with Greg Jones

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Climate change has and will continue to affect many things in our daily lives, including… wine?

Greg Jones is somewhat of an expert on the matter. Greg is a prominent member of the Pacific Northwest’s winemaking community, sitting on the boards of multiple industry associations. He is also the CEO of his family business, Abacela Vineyards, located in Oregon’s Umpqua Valley.

Greg has spent the last 25 years as a climatologist, specializing in how climate affects viticulture. His research focuses on how climate variability and climate change can influence the quality and scale of winemaking operations.

In this fascinating conversation together, Greg shares what he’s learned from his research and talks a little bit about his recent appearance on CBS’s 60 Minutes. Plus, Greg even shares why he’s concluded that many vineyards shouldn’t be producing the ever-popular cabernet sauvignon. It’s a wonderful dive into an area of climate science that isn’t frequently talked about!

Moderator: Jim McCann, Founder & Chairman of and Worth Media; Senior Advisor to Atlas Merchant Capital

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