2020 is the Year of _____? How would you fill in the blank? For many of us, 2020 has been a challenging year with pervasive issues like COVID-19, economic uncertainty, climate devastation and social injustice, to name a few. The temptation is to view 2020 as the Year of Trying Times, to put it mildly. But what if we could collectively take action to turn 2020 around and reimagine it as a Year for Good? Rather than accepting that it is a lost cause, if businesses rally across the nation to create positive social impact, we can make this year one to be remembered for the incredibly powerful, positive realignment of business as a force for good.

This time may be dark, but all regrowth starts in the darkness of a seed.” ― Daris LaPointe

Let us be instrumental in beginning that regrowth and imagine not just a “new normal” but a “better normal.” A normal where businesses take on the responsibility of being there for their communities, their customers and their employees. We have an opportunity, as well as a responsibility, to align our businesses with the greatest societal needs to create a path to a flourishing future for everyone. And we can do so in a way that improves our ROI on social investment. Right now, that means enrolling our leadership teams, customers, employees, suppliers and other stakeholders to embrace new innovation and strengthen the nonprofit infrastructure.


We can challenge each other during this Giving Season to reimagine 2020, not as a year of multiple crises, but as “The Year of Good.” Together, we can roll up our sleeves and do this.

As Jim McCann—chairman of Worth, as well as chairman and founder of 1-800-FLOWERS—said in a recent Worth post: “As business leaders, we are often challenged to turn ‘lemons into lemonade,’ and right now is a great opportunity to ‘pivot for good’—a time where businesses can use their capabilities to serve their customers and country.”

The causes that are supporting those hit hardest are now in need of our support. Nonprofit organizations across the U.S. need the business community to make decisions today so that they have hope for tomorrow.


According to the Charities Aid Foundation of America (CAF America), Nearly one-third of nonprofits providing essential services, like food, clean water, housing, shelter and education, are at risk of closing their doors due to economic impact from COVID-19. That means greater risk to the individuals and families who need these services just at the time they need them the most.

So how can your company help? Obviously charitable donations are key, and many companies set aside philanthropy budgets to do this. But what if you were able to combine your philanthropic giving with the might of your marketing budget as well? What if you engaged in social impact marketing that not only increased what you had to give but did so in a way that included your customers, so you could give more than ever and also make that level of giving sustainable? By engaging your customers and giving them a voice in which charities to support, you send a powerful message and create genuine connections, as seen in this Take Out and Give Back campaign.

Gifting your customers a prepaid donation credit through Phin’s Customer-Advised Fund has the potential to change the lives of families in need and activate a region of the brain associated with generous behavior—including purchasing from and recommending your company.

Phin is a social good relationship marketing platform that helps companies reward, incent or thank customers, employees and stakeholders through prepaid donations to nonprofits. In turn, nonprofits can better serve their constituents. In this way, companies can come together as never before by leveraging the power of business to be a collective force of good.

The transaction is simple. The Phin team creates a secure and seamless online Customer-Advised Fund, customized for your business and brand. Together, we create campaigns for Giving Tuesday and the Giving Season. Your company funds the donations, and your customers choose which cause to fund from a curated list important to your brand. This list can include innovative charities doing incredible work pivoting during COVID-19, including Mobile Loaves and Fishes and Common Table. Phin provides the analytics and reporting on customer choices. You create incentive for sales, captivate customers and tell powerful stories, while building brand equity and generating impact.

Together, we can be a force for good. Phin was founded as a social innovation company (B-Corp pending) to help companies (like yours) build purpose into how you serve customers, involve them in your philanthropy and create sustainable social impact in the communities where you live, work and play.

We are pleased to offer you a gift of good: Click here to select a charity and instantly receive a prepaid $10 donation, sponsored by Phin advocate Magnetic Advisers of New York. We pay the donation, you choose the cause!

Join us in our initiative to ReImagine 2020, not as a year of multiple crises, but as The Year of Good.