Rumman Chowdhury

Rumman Chowdhury

Cofounder, Humane Intelligence

As artificial intelligence becomes more sophisticated, the technology will require industry experts to ensure that it complies with ethical standards. The trick, of course, is that those same experts will also have to determine what those ethical standards should be. Enter Rumman Chowdhury, former director of machine learning ethics, transparency, and accountability at Twitter, and recent cofounder of Humane Intelligence. Social media aficionados may recognize Chowdhury as one of the authors of the damning 2021 report that illustrated Twitter’s propensity to amplify right-wing voices, which may have led to her eventual dismissal under Elon Musk. Her new venture aims to prevent some of the same mistakes in nascent AI projects.

Humane Intelligence has already begun taking clients, although the list is currently private. Still, the company plans to reveal more information soon, and has already provided some stark examples of the machine learning missteps that it hopes to overcome, from misleading medical recommendations, to biases concerning the LGBT community.

“Be technically literate,” Chowdhury advises Worth readers. “Generative AI puts the power of AI in everyone’s hands. AI is a tool for the masses, not just the powerful. It can be harnessed to do good if we are intentional about its impacts.”

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