Nalleli Cobo

Nalleli Cobo

Cofounder, People Not Pozos

Nalleli Cobo has been an environmental activist for the past 13 years. That’s impressive, when you consider that the Los Angeles native turned 22 this year. When she was nine years old, Cobo realized that an AllenCo oil well in her neighborhood was responsible for her frequent and debilitating illnesses. She cofounded People Not Pozos (“pozos” is Spanish for “oil wells”) to hold the AllenCo company accountable. Since then, the oil well has shut down and the executives are facing criminal charges. In fact, in 2023, the Los Angeles City Council nixed all plans for future oil wells, thanks in part to Cobo’s efforts. She continues to investigate environmental racism in LA, which exposes minority populations to disproportionate health risks.

After successfully completing cancer treatment in 2023, Cobo received a coveted “Activist of the Year” award from the advocacy organization Consumer Watchdog. She’s also currently up for a Pritzker Award from the UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability.

“Together, we can make a difference by holding elected officials, industries, and corporations accountable,” Cobo told Worth. “We must phase out fossil fuels for the sake of our health, safety, and environment. The time for change is now.”

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