Last month, we hosted the Worthy 100 Celebration, a prestigious event honoring the remarkable individuals featured in our 3rd annual Worthy 100 list. This exclusive gathering, held at Miami’s Faena Forum amid Art Basel, was a star-studded affair with cocktails and mingling to the tunes of The Knot’s top-rated DJ.

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The celebration marked the launch of Worth’s last issue of 2023, showcasing the individuals who are leveraging their success to make a positive impact on society. The Worthy 100 list recognizes those who embrace the responsibility of contributing to a better world.

Stix Nalleli Cobo3
Worthy 100 Nalleli Cobo and Brandon “Stix” Salaam-Bailey

We were thrilled to spend the evening hosting our honorees and celebrating their achievements and impact. Among them was Nalleli Cobo. Cobo is a remarkable environmental activist who, since the age of nine, has used her advocacy to successfully close down an AllenCo oil well in her neighborhood, all while battling cancer. Brandon “Stix” Salaam-Bailey, who blends entertainment and social impact as a rapper and founder of the ThinkWatts Foundation, was also in attendance. Stix focuses on fostering sustainable change in underprivileged communities, through initiatives like free financial literacy courses and entrepreneurship training.

Caroline O’Connor, president of the Miami Marlins is celebrated as the second-ever female president in MLB history. Derek Gonzalez is the lauded founder of Goat Hospitality Group, which hires, trains, and employs people with physical and mental disabilities (or “special abilities” as he calls them). Respected photographer Miriam Leuchter leads the Josephine Herrick Project, which aims to make photography accessible to otherwise underrepresented groups in the field. Renowned climate scientist and director of Stanford University’s Atmosphere/Energy Program Mark Z. Jacobson also joined the festivities, along with leaders honored in past years.

Mitch Rymar Friend

Sponsored by Bermuda Tourism, Karma Automotive, and flyExclusive, the event was both convivial and luxurious. Attendees enjoyed a gift bag, an exclusive offer, and a unique installation from flyExclusive. 

Karma Automotive showcased its latest electric luxury model, offering a glimpse into the future of sustainable luxury. Additionally, guests were treated to captivating glimpses of Bermuda’s opulent lifestyle.


The evening featured insightful remarks from key figures, including Tommy Sowers, president of flyExclusive; Ticole Swan, director of brand and strategic partnerships of Bermuda Tourism; and William Monroe, head of global sales at Karma.

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The Worthy 100 Celebration was an evening of recognition, inspiration, and a testament to doing well by doing good.