“I believe we are on the brink of creating a new engine of trust for the global economy,” writes Techonomy community member, Paul Daugherty. He had a few key things on his mind after his second day at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Not the least of which revolved around the impact of Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence on trust. Paul, Chief Technology & Innovation Officer at Accenture, predicted that, “the man on street will directly benefit from […] applications of blockchain technology,” in the coming years.

On Artificial Intelligence, Paul cautioned that even with all of its potential upside there are still “great responsibilities” and challenges bestowed upon those developing it. He writes that it is crucial to take a “People First Approach” as we work to “integrate human intelligence with machine intelligence.”


Mr. Daugherty joined a panel at Davos hosted by Techonomy and Accenture, which addressed some of the key issues surrounding AI, while exploring the ways in which it could lead to more prosperity across society. You can watch that panel in its entirety here: