Digital privacy isn’t simple for anyone–consumers, the companies that hold data, or the government. In this high-profile session at Techonomy Policy in June 2015, leaders from AT&T and Microsoft joined venture capitalist Brad Burnham and FCC Commissioner Julie Brill in a probing conversation that underscored the many challenges. Brill worries that consumers do not understand how to navigate today’s systems, and pointed out that our outdated laws mostly apply to data “silos” that no longer exist. Burnham notes that we haven’t even begun a society-wide conversation about what we mean by “rights in data.” Senior Microsoft lawyer Horacio Guttierez said protecting data was so central to his company’s business model that it is beginning to resemble that of a bank. And Robert Quinn of AT&T Services noted how complex it has become if you are a company that handles lots of data: “Security is a 24 hour job. Anytime you’re putting a bunch of data together, you’re a target.”
This video is presented in partnership with AT&T who were a partner of Techonomy Policy