If you want to know exactly who is speaking about what, and when, at our upcoming Nov. 17-19 Techonomy 2019 conference, you can find that HERE.

Of course it remains a work in progress, with more great elements and people still to be added. We take our theme of “Reset and Restore” very seriously, even gravely, given the state of the world right now.

Tech is not in the place it needs to be and “resetting and restoring” is hardly an outlier view these days. It is increasingly mainstream, even as nobody really knows exactly what should happen.

The issues facing society are hard, but they pertain to every company. If you don’t understand the ways that tech’s role in society is changing, you won’t know what to do about personal data, advertising, using AI, embarking on the internet of things, or any of the myriad other tech-infused opportunities in the economy. Everyone has to step forward from here with more deliberation, and the consequences for those who do it clumsily could be as serious as they have been for Facebook.

Who would have guessed this would be where tech finds itself? But that’s why we believe we need Techonomy’s dialogues. Technology plus the economy IS the issue of our day. It alters everything else, from the rise of populism to our ability to combat global warming.


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