In advance of Techonomy 2018, we asked our speakers crucial questions that frame our upcoming flagship event. Request your invite to join us this November in Half Moon Bay, CA. 

Q: What emerging technology can have the greatest positive impact on society?

The explosion in computing power combined with new data sources has unlocked the vast potential of machine learning. In finance, we have just scratched the surface, but perhaps most promising is the application of machine learning to accelerate human learning. With machine learning and related technologies, we can see with more depth and breadth than ever before, and apply those insights to the benefit of millions of investors.

Q: What is the biggest issue that you worry is not getting enough attention?

Individuals not investing for the future is one of the great societal challenges we face. Millions of people have little to no retirement savings, and the crisis is only growing as people live longer lives. Technology can help level the playing field so that more people can learn about and gain access to investing for the long-term, and avoid being left behind.


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