What can we expect from cloud computing in 2013? Joe McKendrick at Forbes has aggregated a list of the best, and most realistic, of analysts’ predictions. In 2013, he says:
1) We will see more hosted private clouds that are off-premise and managed by someone else.
2) Cloud and mobile will become more integrated.
3) The personal cloud will gradually replace the PC as the location where individuals keep and manage their personal content.
4) IT organizations will increasingly be assuming internal “cloud services brokerage roles,” overseeing cloud services for internal users and business partners.
5) We will see the rise of industry-specific and community clouds specific for vertical markets, like healthcare or finance.
6) IT departments will face an impending shortage of talent in cloud computing.
7) “Cloud” will cease to be a defining term.
At last month’s Techonomy conference in Tucson, McKiney’s Bertil Chappuis talked about how cloud computing will continue to boost entrepreneurship. How do you think the cloud will effect your business in 2013?