Dan Shine

Dan Shine

Curator, The Innovation Hangar

Dan Shine currently serves as curator for The Innovation Hangar, helping social innovation and entrepreneurship to reach scale. He has held executive positions at Fortune 500 companies (AMD, HP, 3com, Motorola), NGOs (50×15 Foundation, Architecture for Humanity, Worldchanging), and as a White House appointee and senior advisor on innovation. Dan was an early technology pioneer in wireless and social media, and the evolution of the consumer Internet. He is a frequent moderator and panelist on the future of education, mobile technology, and empowering women.

Dan is an active member of the Forum of Young Global Leaders, and has held multiple board positions for public and private organizations. He is a global executive leader with extensive creative experience in bringing together ecosystems to address global challenges in education, healthcare, poverty alleviation, and international development.

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