The Medjet Choice

Whether traveling, for business or vacation, you may assume that the evacuation coverage provided by your health, travel or business insurance, or your credit card benefits, will automatically get you all the way home to recover if something bad happens.

Yet many people find themselves stuck in medical facilities far from home that their insurance company has deemed “acceptable,” and they are ineligible for a “medically necessary” transport. Those medical transports, if not covered, could cost from $30,000 up to $180,000.


…but this membership can.

When you become a member of Medjet, whether you are traveling for business or for vacation, the choice to get home, to your own hospital, doctors and family, is yours.

For companies and organizations, not making it possible for a traveling employee to get home for treatment can also present numerous “duty of care” issues. Substandard care, language barriers that make treatment decisions difficult, caps on travel medical benefits, an employee’s emotional distress and family disruption, or the specter of those costly transport fees all present serious health and financial risks. Medjet corporate memberships offer a one-call, all-expenses-paid solution to getting employees home safely.



Medjet also offers memberships that add 24/7 security and crisis response benefits. Research shows that three out of four travelers list safety as their top concern, even when traveling to places like Paris or Mexico where they used to feel “safe.” Knowing you have someone to call if you feel threatened provides invaluable peace of mind, making it ideal for anyone who travels alone frequently.

In short: Travel-emergency stories abound—from a broken neck in Tahiti, to the recent deaths in the Dominican Republic, to bombings in London. A Medjet membership can help better protect you, your employees and, most importantly, your family.

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