Maldives: A True Safe Haven

In 2018, scientists at MIT needed a real-world location with the right geography and environmental awareness to test a new invention designed to rebuild the world’s beaches. The location they chose: the Maldives. 

A tiny nation comprising 1,192 islands strung across a stretch of shallow and stunningly clear aqua ocean, the Maldives is an ultra-upscale destination favored by celebrities, billionaires and even royals for honeymoons, family vacations and romantic getaways. But the incomparable, almost magical beauty of this destination is fragile, and the Maldives is committed to protecting and strengthening this delicate environment. Guests can play a part in the many sustainability projects launched by various resort properties, such as coral planting and turtle conservation.

The Maldives is a safe haven with total privacy, security and health safety. In fact, the Maldives was one of just 100 destinations awarded a Safe Travels stamp from the World Travel and Tourism Council. It would be hard to top the Maldives for privacy and safety when one considers this: While 163 of the 1200 islands operate as resorts, the Maldives is one of the few countries that provides an individual island for each resort property—meaning it’s one island, one resort and an ultra-private safe haven for couples, families with children and their guests. 

Resorts range from clublike to chic, from islands exclusively for adults to family-friendly islands that feature kids clubs, where many adventures await the little ones. Some Maldives resorts even have private islands within the resort. Maldives resorts also offer everything from private beach villas to water villas built over that peerless ocean. In fact, guests can spend part or all of their Maldives stay underwater…literally. 

The under-ocean experience in the Maldives is truly unique, with fully submerged underwater accommodation, dining and spa facilities positioned meters beneath the ocean surface. Instead of waking up to the sun on their faces, guests can wake up to the colorful world of fish and corals. And it is not just rooms. There are restaurants, spas and even clubs to make the experience even more worthwhile. 

But, above sea level, visitors have three additional options when it comes to their Maldives stay. 

For convenience, guests visiting the Maldives on business can stay at a hotel in Malé. If you want to “live like a local,” stay in a guesthouse on one of the many local islands and experience firsthand the warmth and friendliness of the Maldivian people. And perhaps the most unique non-resort option is a “liveaboard.” Staying on these vessels is an ideal way to explore the country and maintain social distancing. You are on the move throughout your stay on what is basically a floating resort with different experiences onboard and offshore. 

Whatever stay option you choose, the Maldives offers a long list of exciting activities. Here are just some of what you can expect to see on offer: 

Floating Breakfast in an Infinity Pool

Go beyond the ultimate luxury of breakfast in bed, and experience a floating breakfast in the comfort of your private pool, looking into stunning infinite blues under the morning rays. 

Staying at Your Own Private Overwater Villa 

Perched over the translucent, azure waters, with iconic boardwalks and thatched roofs, the overwater villas of the Maldives provide the ultimate privacy and luxury experience unlike any resort anywhere. 

Swimming Freely in Harmony With Nature 

The Maldives is one of the best countries in the world for swimming with manta rays. You can snorkel at a UNESCO biosphere reserve with manta rays, nurse sharks and turtles.  

Shipwreck Diving

Wreck diving, for many, is the ultimate experience. Some of the most spectacular shipwrecks lie on the ocean floor of the Maldives. 

Sunset Fishing

With a rich marine heritage, the Maldives is one of the world’s top destinations for fishing of all kinds. But sunset fishing is an experience not only reserved for fishing enthusiasts, but for anyone who wishes to enjoy a magical sunset out at sea.

Mystical Illuminated Shores at Night

Have you ever walked along the seashore at night and seen it illuminated by a blue glow? Experience the mystical fantasy view of glowing beaches—a magical effect created by bioluminescent plankton. 

Fly Above the Islands 

Seeing the surreal bird’s-eye view of the Maldives’ chain of islands from a seaplane is surely one of the most breathtaking experiences of a Maldives visit. 

And There Is More… 

In addition to the above activities, visitors can enjoy a Maldivian cooking tour, a romantic cruise, parasailing, surfing, island excursions, a Secret Paradise tour and a Whale Submarine dive. 

No matter what experience guests choose when visiting the Maldives, all rooms and villas at its properties are equipped with top amenities, and butler services are available for the convenience of visitors. Butlers handle everything from meal arrangement to laundry, room services, cleaning and special requests. So, suffice it to say, great attention is given to ensure all a visitor’s needs are met during a Maldives stay. 

To cap it all off, the uniqueness of this safe-haven experience was confirmed last November, when the World Travel Awards gave its most distinguished award—“World’s Leading Destination”—to the Maldives.  

Now that you have an overview of the Maldives, imagine the experience you could create for your next MICE corporate gathering activity by bringing the group to this gorgeous destination, which is a verifiable safe haven.

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