A New, Effective Approach to Chronic Muscle Pain

Chronic muscle pain is one of the most common health issues worldwide. About 65 million Americans worldwide report having episodes of back pain, and about 16 million report experiencing persistent back pain that interferes with their daily activities.  
The pandemic and lockdowns have worsened the problem. People tend to sit for longer hours whether at work or at home. Visits to massages or medical practitioners for treatment such as physiotherapists or chiropractors have also been restricted. Without proper treatment, chronic muscle pain gets worse, which may lead to serious consequences. 

In 2019, WellsCare introduced what we believe to be the ultimate solution for chronic muscle pain, IASO, named for the Greek goddess of recuperation. IASO is the world’s first hands-free, wearable cold laser pain relief device.  
IASO utilizes one of the most advanced technologies in muscle pain treatments, called low-level laser therapy (LLLT). LLLT not only enhances healing on a cellular level, but also stimulates the body to cause regeneration and relief from pain. The low-intensity light penetrates the skin and soft/hard tissues deeper than LEDs and triggers cellular biochemical changes that have incredible effects on pain, inflammation, and tissue repair. Furthermore, low-level laser therapy has no side effects, is non-invasive, and is drug-free, which makes IASO completely safe.  
Along with its dual wavelengths, 650nm and 830 nm, IASO offers three massage modes: Light Therapy, Light Therapy with Vibration, and Light Therapy with Rhythmic Vibration, which can be cycled to adjust the device to the mode you prefer.

As the only hands-free wearable laser pain relief device available in the market, IASO has received wide acclaim since its launch. 

Dr. Shelby Simon, a New York City Chiropractor at The Well Manhattan Chiropractic, is one of many medical practitioners who have worked with IASO in their clinic. She referred to the device as a “powerhouse” for reducing pain and inflammation for her patients. She continues, “IASO has been so effective that often patients report a noticeable reduction of pain or complete elimination of pain in just one session! I trust IASO to help people feel better fast.”

Dr. Shelby has also appeared in an interview on B8ta Insider mentioning that IASO “corrects the symptoms rather than just masking the pain, and specifically the red light stimulates the mitochondria which releases ATP helping the body repair, restore, and regenerate.”


Photo courtesy of WellsCare

Another advocate for IASO (and former linebacker for the San Diego Chargers) Ben Leber mentioned, “The pain of playing in the NFL didn’t stop after I walked away from the game.  That’s why I’m so thankful for IASO. The convenient size and effectiveness of IASO’s cold laser therapy allows me to manage my joint pain with an easy-to-use and stylish device from home. It’s also an essential travel tool that helps relieve my neck and shoulder pain from long plane flights. Because of all this, I’m never far from my IASO.”

Since the foundation of WellsCare in 2016, its engineers have endeavored to develop innovative and effective healthcare solutions in pain management. Recently, thanks to the great support from the customers, WellsCare has partnered with Best Buy, the American multinational electronics retailer to bring IASO into its online catalog. Along with other sales channels including b8ta, Touch of Modern, Amazon, and Brookstone and many more, IASO has been successfully expanding its presence in the market. 

IASO is currently on a Labor Day promotion from September 1 to September 6, and you can purchase IASO at 30 percent discounted price. For more information, check out www.wellscare.net or Amazon

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