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New York City made a staggering $534 million in revenue from parking tickets in 2013. Now, as reported by Venture Beat, a legal chatbot is helping keep money in the pockets of car owners.
The bot, called DoNotPay, helps users appeal parking tickets through a series of simple questions: Was the signage confusing? Were signs clearly visible? Was the parking bay large enough? It has already helped overturn 160,000 parking tickets in New York and London and has saved users over $2 million.
The bot is the brainchild of second-year Stanford student Jordan Browder. A self-taught computer coder, Browder developed DoNotPay after receiving 30 parking tickets in and around his native city of London during his teenage years. Now, his bot provides services for thousands of users – and all without charging legal fees. The free service has successfully appealed 64% of the 250,000+ cases it has assisted with.
DoNotPay is just the tip of the iceberg for Browder. Other bot projects include helping airline customers who have been delayed more than four hours receive compensation, as well as assisting refugees with asylum claims. He’s also working on a developer platform that would allow lawyers to create similar bots without having to learn code themselves.
In the meantime, Browder hopes to expand DoNotPay to Seattle in the coming months.
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