It is hard to put into word what makes our Techonomy events so unique. The blend of highly developed programming, thoughtful room-wide conversations, and amazing networking. The carefully curated group of top thinkers, business executives, and entrepreneurs. Our conferences provide a fertile environment for collaboration and discussion focused on tech’s impact on business and society.
This past November, we sat down with some of our community to hear about their experiences and why they are compelled to be part of our events. This video embodies why we exist as an organization. To inspire leaders and to help them navigate the tumultuous path that they will face as tech transforms every aspect of our lives.
Join a Techonomy conference. We just hosted our Techonomy Health and Techonomy NYC on May 16 & 17. Our flagship event, Techonomy 2017, is November 5-7 at the Ritz-Carlton Half Moon Bay, California. At Techonomy you can learn about all kinds of cutting-edge ideas, exchange ideas with other leaders in rousing multidisciplinary interaction, and collectively explore strategies to adapt to the rapid pace of change.