The panelists during Sunday’s opening session at Techonomy 2017. From left: Benjamin Bratton, Mary Lou Jepsen, Tessa Lau, Rohit Prasad, and David Kirkpatrick. Photo Credit: Paul Sakuma Photography

To bring a fresh perspective to Techonomy 2017, we invited four high school students to attend the event and share their impressions. All of our student observers are members of AI4ALL, a nonprofit working to increase diversity and inclusion in artificial intelligence.
Kat Tian, Ananya Karthik, Avantika Ghosh and Irene Yang all joined us on the first day of the conference and were particularly taken by both the promise and the thorny ethical concerns tied to the coming convergence of man and machines.
Read their impressions here:
And note their names—we will all be working for them soon.