In a marketing ploy to demonstrate how “light, exciting, and fun” its new rice burgers are, Yo! Sushi in London yesterday made a splash with the first use of a drone in food service. Pedestrians in the city’s Soho section stopped in their tracks to snap iPhone photos of the flying food tray delivering meals to sidewalk diners.
The Telegraph reports that the 4-propeller carbon-fiber-frame vehicle was “custom built using the most advanced RC Drone quadicopter technology” and is “incredibly nippy”—British for quick and nimble.
In a video showing the drone in action, a nearby human waitress uses an iPad to remotely maneuver the so-called “iTray.” Mounted cameras enable staff to monitor table-side service from the kitchen too.
The restaurant chain’s CEO Robin Rowland says sushi is “all about innovation.” One customer gushes, “When I ordered the burger I didn’t imagine it was ever going to come flying across into my face on a tray….it was like something out of a science fiction novel.”
According to the Telegraph, drones might soon be serving up orders in Yo! Sushi establishments across the UK. As the Yo! Burger slogan says, “Taste the future.”