“Keen On” Web series to launch Nov. 5 featuring interview with author Walter Isaacson.
Internet entrepreneur and author Andrew Keen will join Techonomy Media, a New York-based media and events company, as a contributing editor. Keen’s ongoing web series, “KeenON,” featuring interviews with leading opinion makers in technology and policy, will move to Techonomy.com from TechCrunch.
Techonomy’s first KeenON segment will debut November 5 with guest Walter Isaacson discussing his best-selling new book “The Innovators” and the past and future of the technology industry.
“I’m thrilled to bring my interview show to Techonomy,” said Keen. “It’s a media company which prioritizes serious, high quality content about how technology is changing the world and thus represents a natural home for my show.”
Techonomy Media CEO David Kirkpatrick said, “I don’t always agree with Andrew, but his thinking helps clarify big issues around how tech changes the world. Having his energetic voice as part of our editorial constellation helps continue to build Techonomy.com into a central forum for discussions on the transformations tech brings to business and society.”
Keen will also join business leaders, technologists, innovators and academics at the Techonomy 2014 conference in Half Moon Bay, Calif., November 9-11. He will speak about his upcoming book “The Internet is Not the Answer” and moderate the session “Confronting the Internet Counter-Reaction.” Additionally, he will film segments for KeenON.
Keen joins Techonomy from TechCrunch, where he was a columnist covering the impact of new technology on 21st Century business, education and society.
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