Whether you are pursuing a business possibility or expanding your interest in a cause or an art collection, how can you be certain your advisors are giving you every opportunity to explore your life goals? In our view, what you need today, and always, is advice beyond investing.

For multigenerational families, managing wealth spanning many generations requires a careful approach. We have the experience and strategies to help address these challenges, such as wealth preservation, estate planning and legacy management.

For entrepreneurs, our private wealth advisors introduce them to the right investment relationships as well as innovative, yet pragmatic solutions, such as pre- and post-sale planning, business succession planning and business-community networking.

For corporate executives, who typically need equity awards management, risk management and life transition management, our advisors offer discipline and strategic planning during the wealth-building years and, when the time comes, during their transition out of corporate life.

In addition to addressing opportunities unique to the wellspring of your wealth, we feel it is essential that we also uncover opportunities for every dimension of your life.

With investments, delivering market perspectives can build confidence. We do that by focusing on the best opportunities and by taking a disciplined approach to help manage your risk while maximizing your portfolio growth.

For business, to help clients navigate executive wealth and business transition, UBS professionals can offer advice and comprehensive services, including equity and debt financing. For privately held businesses, we work with investment specialists to help manage your liquidity events with appropriate solutions to address your goals.

You can be certain advisors are looking to provide every opportunity to explore your life goals when they offer advice beyond investing.

With passion investments, in order to bridge philanthropy with investing, we make certain that philanthropic structures are aligned with your overall wealth-management plan. We provide access to UBS resources, including philanthropy solutions and sustainable investment opportunities. Equally important, we help ensure that client philanthropic structures are aligned with an overall wealth-management plan while striving to maximize tax efficiencies.


With legacies, the goal is to translate a client’s intentions into a tangible plan that helps protect wealth across generations. To achieve this, we work with dedicated teams of family specialists, holistic-wealth planners and philanthropy experts. Understanding that involving family is critical to help ensure the potential success of your legacy, we facilitate with a client’s loved ones and help develop a unified vision for all that you hope to accomplish with your wealth.

Our goal is simple: to uncover the best opportunities the world has to offer. As private-wealth investors, you can draw upon the institutional capabilities and planning resources of the entire firm to accompany you on every aspect of your life’s journey—from professional goals to personal passions.

Those resources include professionals from across the firm and across the globe, including a global family office, an advance planning group, a portfolio advisory group, a family advisory team and tailored financing and credit solutions.

In sum, and to put it simply, you can be certain advisors are looking to provide opportunity to explore your life goals when they offer advice beyond investing.

Source: Leslie Dashew et al., “The Keys to Family Business Success,” Aspen Family Business Group, 2011.

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