Tracy Castle-Newman

Tracy Castle-Newman

“Once I got to Wall Street, if I looked to my right and my left, there were men. But I didn’t think I couldn’t get ahead. I just always focused on the fact that if I do a good job, it’s a meritocracy.

“In 2013, I decided to create a Women’s Investment Roundtable that looks just like Morgan Stanley’s Lyford Cay Conference [founded by Barton Biggs 34 years ago to gather top investors], but it includes only female portfolio managers. The first year I had about 10 people; we’re now up to 22, and I’ll probably cap it at 30 because the benefit is the closeness that these women have with each other. They have built a camaraderie, they’re very open with their ideas and they’re not afraid.”

How to do better: “More women need to take more personal risk. Be comfortable with that, and own the success and the failure. Paying it forward is also important. There’s something to feeling like you’re included, like you have a voice and a seat at the table.”

—Tracy Castle-Newman is a managing director at Morgan Stanley and COO for Global Institutional Equity Distribution, and is founder of Morgan Stanley’s Women’s Investment Roundtable.

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