Techonomy Virtual: Reset + Restore


Techonomy Virtual: Reset + Restore

The combination of the Covid-19 crisis and the heightened awareness of racial injustice is unprecedented. This is a historic moment in so many ways and our speakers took an in-depth look at the ongoing transformations in business, technology, social life, ethics, health, and global relations. To view the video archive, find sessions organized by topic in the menu above.

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VIP EVENT*: Kickoff Lunch + Social

Techonomy editor-in-chief David Kirkpatrick gave a preview of the program at this private reception followed by a casual group conversation.

Will Tech Help Address the Climate Crisis?

The Earth is relentlessly warming. Where should business, the tech industry, individuals and government most take action? How can tech help?

Bill McKibben

Author, Educator, Activist, Founder, Third Act

The Social Impact of Blending Physical and Virtual Worlds

Niantic has created a giant virtual overlay of the entire planet, used for Pokemon Go. But it has much bigger AR ambitions. Google is co-founder. How might AR make life better?

Yennie Solheim

Senior Manager, Civic & Social Impact, Niantic Inc

How IBM Thinks About Tech and Ethics

Since Covid, IBM’s AI ethics committee, chaired by Montgomery, meets twice weekly. And IBM recently announced it would no longer offer facial recognition software. What is the future of privacy as tech innovations accelerate and, with Covid-19, risk becoming more intrusive?

Christina Montgomery

Vice President and Chief Privacy Officer, IBM

AI As a Tool for Equality

Companies make endless decisions about hiring, promotion, performance, and pay. Pipeline’s software keeps watch to help insure those are fair to everyone. Can software help make things more equal?

Katica Roy

Gender Economist; CEO, Pipeline Equity

Understanding the Global Mess

A top analyst of geopolitics, covering Russia, Europe, Hong Kong, US-China relations, tech’s role to bring the world closer or further apart, the geography of innovation, and…do we have a future?

Ian Bremmer

President and Founder, Eurasia Group

Andrew Keen

Author, "The Internet Is Not the Answer", Digital Vertigo

Are Tech Platforms Destructive By Design?

How to regulate and rein in internet giants is one of society’s most vexing challenges. Ghosh worked at the Obama White House and Facebook before emerging as a top academic critic, and his new book offers a new set of proposals for what society should do.

Dipayan Ghosh

Co-director, Digital Platforms & Democracy Project and Senior Fellow, Harvard Kennedy School

The Struggle for Black Tech in New York

What’s it like to be Black in New York Tech? What needs to change? How can the larger tech sector do more to be supportive and partner?

Clayton Banks

Co-Founder & CEO, Silicon Harlem

Understanding Trump–And What Happens Next

Understanding the President has never been harder. Every day brings fresh controversy. But Wolff’s analysis of Trump is authoritative and compelling. He spent many months at the White House getting to know everyone and taking thorough notes.

The New GE and the Post-Covid World

What’s it like leading marketing and guiding corporate culture while GE undergoes radical transformation? Does the pandemic make that harder, especially when, like Boff, you’re a strong advocate for women?

Linda Boff

Chief Marketing Officer, GE

See 5G with 2020 Vision

A short talk on the current and future state of 5G.

Peter Linder

Head of 5G Marketing, Ericsson in North America

First Flip, then Smart, now Folding: What’s next for Mobile?

We may be stuck at home but we still live in a mobile world. And it is evolving as fast as ever.

Christopher Moore

Vice President of Marketing, Mobile Business Unit, Micron Technology

Paul Torres

Sr. Director of Product Management, Qualcomm Technologies

Innovative Cultures in Uncertain Times

Managing day-to-day operations is challenging enough during this extended crisis but how can global organizations continue to drive innovation-at-scale given the many organizational and cultural hurdles that lie ahead?

Daniel Neely

Senior Medical Advisor, Technology, Orbis International

Raj Subramaniam

President & COO, FedEx Corp and President & CEO, FedEx Services, FedEx

On the Frontlines of New York’s Covid Crisis

Grossman understands Covid-19 from being on the front lines. But his healthcare colossus ($10 billion in revenues) was uniquely prepared, partly because of Hurricane Sandy. Telemedicine exploded. Treatment of everything else shifted. And what will it mean for NYU’s tuition-free medical school, which he runs so well it’s now named after him?

VIP SESSION*: The Future of Mobile

What will the mobile landscape look like in ten years? We'll hear from experts as well as VIP participants.

Rock the SDGs

This rock star cares. He started an NGO focused on working to achieve the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for 2030. He’s getting a PhD in Human Rights Law at Columbia. And his band is headlining at Madison Square Garden once it re-opens.

Adam Met

Executive Director, Planet Reimagined

Empowering Educators, Tackling Climate Change: Telecom Networks Matter More Than Ever

Digitalization and connectivity are a backbone of sustainable development. Ericsson has been an advocate of the Global Goals since they were launched in 2015. Its head of sustainability helps us understand not only what it's learned through decades of research and on-the-ground experience, but also how digitalization and technology like 5G is going to be critical to address the climate crisis.

Heather Johnson

VP, Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility, Ericsson

Using Tech to Figure Out When It’s Safe To Go Back to the Office

Buoy’s AI-based chatbots help people and companies navigate complex healthcare decisions. Now it’s pivoted to use software and data fight back against Covid-19 and figure out when people can or should not come to work.

Andrew Le

CEO & Co-Founder, Buoy Health

Why My Life is Focused on Achieving the SDGs

Lifelong social entrepreneur Billimoria is a founder of Catalyst 2030, to coordinate NGOs and other institutions in support of the UN SDGs. Why is this fight so urgent, even more so post-Covid19? Where do we stand on this critical set of global goals? What can companies and people do?

Unacceptable: 30% of American Kids Can’t Connect

Covid has the country mostly still at home, but way too many of those homes don’t have broadband. So kids can’t learn and adults can’t shop or reach doctors. The problem is worse for minority communities. We’ve got to address this scandal ASAP.

Larry Irving

President & CEO, Irving Group

Jessica Rosenworcel

Commissioner, FCC

VIP EVENT*: The Shared Experience Economy

Reception + Mixology Workshop, presented in partnership with Nestlé Waters & Perrier.

Tick Tock, TikTok: How its Social Media Triumph is Changing Gen Z–and Society

Matty Lin

Managing Director, Monetization and Partnerships, TikTok

Robin Raskin

CONTRIBUTOR, Solving for Tech

How Data is Helping Executives Rethink Everything

We are awash in personal and customer data. And as privacy, cybersecurity and growing regulations around artificial intelligence remain front-and-center issues, how does a data goliath like Mastercard manage its data strategy to benefit its customers while respecting privacy and insuring security?

Raj Seshadri

President, Data and Services, MasterCard

The Explosion in Telehealth: Will it Last?

After 13 years, Amwell went through a vast growth upheaval this spring. Nobody facilitated more telemedicine visits. Decades of resistance melted away both in the medical establishment and among patients. What comes next? What does it mean for health costs and the future of American healthcare?

Roy Schoenberg

Co-CEO and President, Amwell

Open Conversation: Thoughts + Reflections

This will be an opportunity for audience members to share their closing thoughts on everything we've discussed over the week.


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