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Heather Johnson

Heather Johnson

VP, Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility, Ericsson

Heather Johnson is Vice President for Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility for the Ericsson Group worldwide, and has worked for the Ericsson Group in Sweden for over 20 years. During this time she has held various Marketing, Communications and Engagement positions across different parts of the company, and for the last 15 years at the Group level. Since 2007 her work has focused exclusively in support of Ericsson’s sustainability and corporate responsibility efforts.

Ms. Johnson’s focus is on advocating the role that Information and Communication Technology (ICT) can play in addressing global sustainable development challenges in areas such as access to education, climate change and humanitarian response and preparedness. She manages relationships with the key sustainability stakeholders, including investors, UN and other international organizations, NGOs, and partnerships including the World Economic Forum.

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