Did you know our thoughts and beliefs about money are formed by the time we hit age six? Yes, can you believe it? At age six, we have already developed a belief system around money. And our belief system continues to stay with us as we mature—rarely being updated with the current times.

Think about this, at the age of six, what could we possibly understand about money? Probably nothing! Our beliefs about money have been formulated from what our parents believed about money. And what our parents believed about money was formed from what our grandparents believed about money.


Most of us grew up in a household where we were taught to live with a scarcity mindset, versus an abundance mindset. I know I was raised in a household full of anxiety and limitations around money. I learned money was beyond difficult to make, so I was taught that I shouldn’t spend much of it either. I felt trapped, lifeless and afraid there would never be enough.

Even today, after spending decades going through personal development, learning how to increase my self-worth and build my annual net worth into the seven-figure range, I am still challenged by the scarcity mindset I was taught, as thought patterns start to creep back in and threaten to negatively impact my life. The more wealth we accumulate, the more we need to continue to examine what we think and feel about our money.

So, what do you believe about money?

Do you believe there’s enough to go around to support everyone on this earth, including yourself?

Or do you worry you could lose your income, your portfolio and possibly your future?

So many of us live in a fear-based relationship with money, and we focus more on the things we can’t control or influence rather than focusing on the things that we do actually have power over. Many of us spend way too much time worrying about what “could happen” instead of looking at the probability of, and planning for, what “most likely” will happen. Our relationship with money (and ourselves) comes down to how we think.


Don’t let self-sabotaging thought patterns fool you! If you believe there isn’t enough, then your attitudes, behaviors and actions follow, and there won’t be enough. If you believe in the opportunities to live in complete alignment with your self-worth and your net worth, knowing there is (and you are) enough…well then, your attitude, behaviors and actions follow and there will be enough.

Don’t let false or limiting beliefs get in the way of you living a wealthy life. From my experience, I know you can have, be or do whatever you put your mind to—if you’re willing to challenge your beliefs and put in the effort for results. What we continually put energy towards unfolds in our life. Why not switch your thinking and put your energy into what you dream of instead of what you fear?

The combination of acknowledging your old beliefs, incorporating new beliefs and changing your behavior will allow you to live in alignment with your newfound reality. As we play April Fools’ Day jokes on our friends and family, let this be a reminder that the real fool is your past thinking. Elevate your thinking, elevate your money, elevate your life!

Dawn is a Certified Financial Planner, the country’s first Behavioral Financial Advisor, the Founder and President of Relevé Financial Group, a multimillion-dollar advisory firm, and the creator of the Live WELLthy education and financial planning platform. As a fiduciary with over 20 years of experience providing financial advice, she teaches people to save for tomorrow without having to sacrifice living today. Dawn’s proprietary process helps people identify what they want out of life, and she provides proven tools so people can get the money to make it happen. Her unique approach seamlessly merges the most effective teachings of self-help and finance, alleviating financial anxiety by ensuring people have spending freedom today and tomorrow.