Destination 2016: Kansas City

Visit Kansas City, Mo., today and you’ll find a population that’s excited to be there. There’s new development, a low cost of living and plenty of job prospects for the millennials moving in after graduating from nearby universities. To people who don’t know much about the city, this could come as a surprise. But in some ways, Kansas City is vibrant now because of its past. It has been a center of industry since the 1800s, when railroads running through the area made it possible to ship livestock and crops from the Midwestern states to the coasts. Then interstate highways came, and the city established itself as a transportation hub for the trucking industry.

A friendly community open to new ideas.
Business Climate
Wealth management talent is drawn to the area.
Cultural Life
More laid-back than coastal cities, KC offers world-class music, dining, sports and art.
Today, Kansas City is a Midwest metropolis whose entrepreneurial scene includes many burgeoning tech companies. Although not as populous as Chicago or St. Louis, it has the marks of a larger city: an NFL team, the Kansas City Chiefs; the 2015 World Series–winning Kansas City Royals; a nationally recognized art museum; and a music culture centered around jazz, which has a rich history in the city.

It is also a center of wealth management. Financial Advisor included three Kansas City–area financial firms among the top 20 RIAs in the country in 2015. Combined, they manage around $34 billion. That wealth reflects Kansas City’s business appeal, and is in turn a part of what makes KC such a compelling city.

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