6 Life Truths From a Harvard Professor

“My six truths are a sort of ‘rules of the road’ for my life journey; they have emerged over my 74 years, based on what has and hasn’t worked in my experience. Collectively, they tell a story, my view of how the world works.

I am accountable for my actions and my life. Life is full of uncertainties though, and I can’t know everything I need to know to make good decisions. I compensate by predicting but predictions are just guesses, so every action is a bet in a game where I don’t control the rules but I can decide if I want to play.

You may or may not agree with my six truths. That’s fine; you get to decide your own truths. But they underlie much of what you will read in my book, so let’s dissect them, truth by truth.”

This is an excerpt from Wealth and Families: Lessons from My Life Journey. Click here to purchase the book on Amazon.

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