Palo Alto Investors president and managing partner Joon Yun joins Worth senior editor, special projects Benjamin Reeves for a provocative discussion about the roots of capitalism on the first episode of the Power & Impact podcast.

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Perverse incentives exist throughout our economic system, and the tendency towards self-dealing may have its origins in evolutionary biology, according to Yun. But there may be ways to change capitalism for the better, and a new incentive prize could be key in unlocking them. By providing a series of prizes for innovations in incentives—basically finding new ways to reward work and productivity—Yun hopes that a better capitalism, more closely aligned to the needs of people and families, can be created.

“In evolution you have a niche, you have diversity and competition, and so far evolution has done wonders in terms of biologic innovation,” Yun says. “So, incentive prizes are a way to model that, both how nature works and how free markets work to induce very specific innovations in areas of unmet need because of market failure.”


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