Conversations in Boston determine the future. Boston has been a bastion of thought leadership for four centuries: pioneering, innovating, and pushing the boundaries of conventional wisdom. Nearly 250 years ago, Boston played a singular and catalytic role in the coming of the American Revolution. In many ways, Boston is where America was created, first as an idea and then as a Republic. And today, that tradition of “what’s next” continues to pervade and permeate all elements of Boston’s brand.

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Boston’s innovation index is unparalleled. The unique cross-pollination of the city’s industry sectors and its educational institutions fosters progressive growth. Boston is a hub of higher education, with over 60 colleges and universities, and this wellspring of intellectual capital directly drives the labor pool and ideas that underpin the city’s world-class healthcare and life sciences sectors. With a rich start-up ecosystem, and venture capital aplenty, ideas in Boston are born to thrive, particularly those that produce important dialogue around global challenges and how to meet them.


This enduring culture of innovation and progress profoundly impacts the travel experience in Boston. Not only can visitors see landmarks related to the nation’s founding – along with other seminal movements such as abolitionism, the birth of American literary culture, and the emergence of a modern portside city – but along the way they are asked, indeed pushed, to consider alternative viewpoints, lesser-known stories, and divergent world views. Museums and institutions in Boston are now embracing this mode of disruptive storytelling. Visitors to Boston will find much more than a city steeped in celebratory Americana, they will find a city of 23 vibrantly diverse neighborhoods, a majority-minority destination that reflects 400 years of immigrant history, a flourishing creative economy, eclectic modes of cultural tourism, and a delectable and diverse culinary scene. Ultimately, they will find a city that never gets old.

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How and where is this happening in Boston? It is happening on historic Boston Common, where the city unveiled The Embrace, a poignant memorial to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Coretta Scott King, in January. It is happening along the Freedom Trail and at the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum, where the 250th anniversary of the Boston Tea Party will be happening this December with robust programming, commemorative events, and a reinterrogation of that event’s role in the founding of the American nation. It is happening in Boston’s Seaport District, a modern and emergent neighborhood offering exciting retail, restaurant and hotel offerings, and where the NAACP will be holding its 114th National Convention this summer. It is happening in the Back Bay, where the first Raffles Hotel in North America will open 2023, adding a special element to Boston’s luxury hotel inventory that also includes The Newbury, Boston Harbor Hotel, Mandarin Oriental, Boston, Four Seasons One Dalton Street, and the recently reimagined Four Seasons Boston located just off the iconic Public Garden. It is happening across all Boston neighborhoods at festivals like Boston Calling, Embrace Ideas, and the Roxbury Film Festival. It is happening in the unprecedented planning of an Army-Navy Game taking place in New England, and in the energy of FIFA World Cup 2026TM coming to Gillette Stadium.

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And it is happening at Meet Boston, which has launched a new partnership model and is leading efforts around workforce development, sustainable travel, neighborhood stories, and a destination-wide culinary initiative that will elevate the city’s status as a foodie destination. Come discover for yourself all that is happening in Boston.


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