Last year, Techonomy held a one-day conference in Detroit to tackle the issues of jobs, urban revival, and U.S. competitiveness in the global economy. While Detroit continues its road to recovery, thanks in part to a burgeoning tech startup scene nurtured by investors like Detroit Venture Partners and entrepreneurship accelerator Bizdom, another Midwestern city afflicted by the loss of manufacturing jobs is also mounting a tech-enabled recovery.
In Cleveland, Ohio, companies like Explorys, which helps healthcare systems manage and analyze their data, are helping to put the city on the map as a locus for quality jobs in the tech sector. Another company, Huneo, applies process manufacturing principles to help capture and analyze data from medical tests, while GraphSQL, located in nearby Streetsboro, applies graph-data analysis to the financial services industry. A handful of other local businesses are helping organization tap into the potential of Big Data. As reported on, Tom Sudow of the economic development group Team NEO, believes that Northern Ohio, with its abundance of hospitals and large universities, has a competitive edge in the emerging field of data analysis.