The private club scene has undergone a remarkable transformation in recent years, shifting its traditional exclusivity to embrace a younger, more diverse membership base. With the rise of a new generation of professionals seeking connection and “bucket-list” experiences, private clubs worldwide are redefining themselves to stay relevant and appealing. This shift is not just about luxurious amenities and exquisite spaces; it’s about lifestyle. 

Traditionally associated with an older, more established crowd, the new generation of private clubs offers networking, professional development, and wellness as reasons to join. The ethos of The Ned Club, for example, is “to create a space for like-minded professionals to meet, work and have a good time.”


State-of-the-art amenities and thoughtful event programming are also main attractions, from cooking classes and wine tastings to exclusive fitness and wellness retreats. Clubs also implement policies encouraging membership from various backgrounds, professions, and cultures. This inclusivity reflects the societal shift towards embracing diversity and fosters a richer and more dynamic member community. Soho House, arguably the club that motivated a younger generation to join the private club movement in the late 90s, offers an “Under 27” membership, helping to increase the generational mix of members. Blackbird House in Los Angeles, founded by Bridgid Coulter Cheadle, is designed as a co-working and wellness club for women of color.

Mark Somen, a strategic advisor for hospitality consulting firm Craft House, says that, aside from club amenities, the personalities behind some of the most popular clubs can also be a draw. New York’s Norwood Club, which closed in 2022, had an infamously popular host in Alan Linn, who founded the club in 2007. (Disclosure: I was a member of Norwood for many years and miss it terribly.) “Alan was the perfect maitre d’ and host,” says Somen. “Warm, funny, charismatic, and didn’t take himself too seriously. Most people who joined were there because of Alan and returned because of Alan. It’s personalities like that who make the club.”

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The shift towards tech integration, innovative experiences, and a focus on inclusivity is redefining the purpose of private clubs in the 21st century. As these exclusive institutions evolve, they ensure their continued relevance and play a crucial role in shaping major cities’ social and professional landscapes worldwide. No longer just exclusive hideaways for the elite, they are becoming hubs for the ambitious and creative minds of a younger generation.


Here are our picks for the best clubs to join in 2024.

Aman, New York City

Aman New York, USA Accommodation, Aman Suite, Bedroom

Aman New York, a jewel in the prestigious Aman portfolio, invites a select few through its exclusive Aman Club. This global loyalty program offers an unparalleled level of access and privilege to its members. The New York City location presents a sophistication oasis where members and their guests enjoy exclusive access to dedicated lounge spaces and priority reservations at the exquisite restaurants—Arva and Nama—as well as the Cigar Lounge and Wine Library. The three-story Aman Spa is a haven of tranquility providing priority access for Aman Club members and their guests. Overseen by a dedicated private office, the Aman experience is curated and facilitated to perfection. Membership is quite exclusive, granted only by invitation or referral, and there’s currently a waitlist at the Aman New York location. As the Aman Club extends its presence globally, with upcoming spaces in Miami Beach and Beverly Hills, the allure of this elite club continues to transcend borders, promising an unmatched level of luxury and distinction.

Cost to join: $200,000 initiation fee and a $15,000 annual membership fee

The Aster, Los Angeles

Top Of The Aster Image 7 copy

A combination boutique hotel and private club, The Aster sits in the heart of Hollywood. Views from the rooftop include the Capitol Records building and the Hollywood Hills, and you’re just blocks away from some of the most iconic see-and-be-seen joints in LA— Musso & Franks, Frolic Room, and TAO. Designed as a place to immerse oneself in LA’s creative scene, the private club features a lounge, a cinema, a sound studio, a dining room, a bar, and meeting and workspaces. Curated programming for club members includes educational talks, community dinners, film screenings, wellness workshops, master classes, DJ sets, live music, and unique performances.

Cost to join: Under-33 memberships are $2,800/year; individual memberships start at $3,600 annually.

The Battery, San Francisco

Battery Bars 095

A contemporary social club and boutique hotel nestled in the heart of San Francisco, The Battery marks the 10th anniversary of its founding along with that of Battery Powered, a member-led philanthropic program. Founded in 2013 by Michael and Xochi Birch, The Battery has become a pivotal hub for fostering face-to-face connections, offering a safe space for dialogue, and contributing to the city’s post-COVID resurgence. The Battery Powered program has been instrumental in organizing initiatives addressing pressing social and environmental issues, donating over $31.5 million to over 240 grantees since 2014. The program, known for its impactful grants, engages members in informed giving decisions, focusing on themes representative of significant contemporary challenges. And if that weren’t enough, The Battery boasts a 1,600-bottle wine cellar with unique labels from around the world, curated by The Battery’s original Wine Director, Christophe Tassan. Tassan is one of only 16 “Meilleurs Ouvriers de France” sommeliers worldwide.

Cost to join: $2,400/year

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Casa Cipriani, New York City

exterior Casa Cipriani NY photo by Simon Tchoukriel
Photo by Simon Tchoukriel

Located within the iconic Battery Maritime Building in New York City, Casa Cipriani invites members into a world where timeless elegance and Italian sophistication converge. With its roots deeply embedded in the renowned Cipriani family legacy, this private club offers a sanctuary that marries Old World charm with contemporary allure. The interior, curated by the esteemed Thierry Despont, reflects meticulous attention to detail with marble floors, opulent Venetian chandeliers, and fine art adorning the space. Members of Casa Cipriani are not merely patrons; they are embraced by the iconic Cipriani hospitality, ensuring a culinary journey that reflects the highest standards of Italian gastronomy. The panoramic views of the Statue of Liberty and the Hudson River waterfront offer a breathtaking backdrop that invites members to stay awhile.

Cost to join: $2,900 (Under 30); $3,900 for an Individual plus annual fees.

Core NYC, New York City

CORE New York Rooftop Credit to CORE New York
Courtesy of Core NYC

The Core Club NYC has quickly become one of the hottest private clubs in the country—founded by Jennie Enterprise in 2005 with a mission to provide more than just a swanky place for executives to gather. Beyond the elegant interiors and sophisticated amenities, Core Club fosters a dynamic environment that encourages networking, collaboration, and intellectual exchange. When the club was getting started, Enterprise invited some of the most brilliant people she knew to be among the first group of members, then asked them to invite others who were equally exceptional. Core Club has become a beacon for those who appreciate the synergy of success, cultural sophistication, and the unparalleled allure of a private club experience in New York City, San Francisco, and Milan.

Cost to join: Memberships start at $15,000 for an individual and extend to $100,000 for a family. Annual dues range from $15,000 to $18,000.

The Ned Club, London

Lutyens Suite

The Ned, founded in London in 2017, has emerged as a distinctive player in private clubs, seamlessly blending historic grandeur with contemporary flair. The London property is nestled within the opulent confines of a Grade I-listed former bank building. The newest locations include New York City, where the club is housed in The Johnston Building, built in 1903; and Doha, where the club inhabits the former site of the Ministry of Interior, overlooking the Arabian Gulf. A collaborative creation by Soho House and Sydell Group, it offers a multifaceted experience encompassing lavish accommodations, world-class dining, and an array of exclusive amenities. Members of The Ned Club find themselves immersed in a meticulously curated environment featuring a spa, rooftop pool, and a diverse array of restaurants and bars that cater to the most discerning tastes. The Ned Club stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of private clubs

Cost to join: $5,000/year

Nexus Club, New York City

The Shelby Bar

Located in downtown NYC, Nexus Club is a private social club designed with families in mind. It’s an elegant, multi-use space with chic lounges, private meeting rooms, private and shared dining areas, and a holistic wellness center. The Kid’s Club is a dedicated space where children and teens can hang out. The club offers programmed activities and oversight care (pre-arranged), which makes Nexus Club an attractive space for working parents. Among its unique attractions are the pieces of locally sourced art that adorn the walls and spaces of the club, and culinary director Bill Reininger (also the GM), who spent three years in Paris serving as the executive sous chef of Frenchie Hospitality’s three restaurants. Nexus Club NY is also part of the Nexus Luxury Collection, and members can access reciprocal Nexus resorts worldwide, including London, the Bahamas, and Orlando, Florida.

Cost to join: $20,000 per family and $12,500 in yearly dues

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ONDA (International)

Can’t decide which club is right for you? ONDA may just be the answer. ONDA, meaning “wave” in Italian, is not just a private club; it’s a global membership network redefining how individuals connect, collaborate, and explore exclusive spaces worldwide. Launched in 2018 by hospitality entrepreneur Luca Del Bono, ONDA provides an innovative solution for the modern-day explorer seeking a community that resonates with their interests and passions. The network provides access to exclusive locations, including The Britely in Los Angeles, Maxwell’s in New York, Saint James in Paris, The Ivy Club in London, and Juno House in Barcelona. Members may visit three creative workspaces globally up to three times per year per space. They can also explore members’ clubs three to six times per year per club, with the ability to invite up to three guests per visit.

Cost to join: With over 250 member clubs and spaces spanning 75 cities and five continents, ONDA breaks down the barriers of traditional club memberships by offering two distinct tiers: Private ($960 per year) and Explorer ($1,200 per year).

PS at LAX, Los Angeles

21092 adv ps lax 11 11 21 256

For a different kind of private club experience, PS at LAX offers a luxury terminal where you can wait for a flight or relax during delays with a crisp, dry martini in hand. Located far from the chaos of the main airport, PS will make your commercial flight feel like a private jet experience. Check into the lounge, and PS will handle bag check, security screening, even customs clearing in total privacy. When it is time to board, you are shuttled across the runway directly to your plane. It takes 15 people to make this seamless transfer possible. Anyone can reserve a spot at the club—the annual fee for an All Access membership is $4,850. It includes a private suite, plus complimentary valet parking and a car wash for one vehicle for up to 30 nights on departure. It also includes complimentary spa services and amenities on request, available on arrival and departure. For One-Day Members, the Private Suite experience is $4,850 one-way for up to four travelers. Each additional traveler is $800. 

Cost to join: $4,850/year

Soho House (International)

DUMBO House Credit Dave Burk
DUMBO House / Credit: Dave Burke

You can credit Soho House with bringing the idea of a private club to a younger generation. Founded in London in 1995 by entrepreneur and tastemaker Nick Jones, Soho House has since blossomed into a global phenomenon, with outposts in major cities across Europe, North America, Asia, and beyond. What sets Soho House apart is its commitment to curating an eclectic and creative community, transcending the conventional boundaries of a members-only club. Offering a luxurious blend of artistic ambiance, modern design, and impeccable hospitality, Soho House has become synonymous with a new era of exclusivity that celebrates diversity, innovation, and a shared passion for the arts. From rooftop lounges with panoramic city views (such as the DUMBO House pictured here) to meticulously designed bedrooms, each Soho House location exudes an atmosphere of understated glamor, providing members with a haven where they can network, socialize, and immerse themselves in a world where style and substance fuse seamlessly. Soho House has expanded to offer multiple membership options, from the Under 27 membership to Cities Without Houses—a membership that connects people with other Soho House members in their community and provides access to Houses and bedrooms in different cities when traveling. 

Cost to join: Original Soho House membership starts at $1,300/year for Under 27; $2,600/year for individuals over 27.