Michelin-star eateries are a refuge for the unimaginative.

Those with real wealth understand the importance of constructing reality, rather than falling into the environments of others. Aphrodisiacs are the perfect tools for building fantasy; you can enjoy them with a partner, or by yourself, as you plot your next corporate takeover. They can be sprinkled into dinner or eaten raw as alternative medicine.

To help you navigate courtship and reflection, we’ve put together the ultimate guide to aphrodisiacs, spanning from the Mediterranean to the Andes Mountains. 


ginseng is one of the best aphrodisiacs
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Used for centuries throughout China, ginseng is rumored to raise energy while reducing effects of stress and aging. White ginseng is harvested and steamed after four years, while red ginseng takes six years to mature. It should come as no surprise that the latter has more aphrodisiac properties and is particularly popular in Asia for boosting testosterone.


A root of ginseng can cost nearly $600,000.


maca is one of the best aphrodisiacs
LIJIANG, YUNNAN PROVINCE, CHINA -Photo by Zhang Peng/LightRocket via Getty Images

Grown high in Peru’s Andes Mountains, where only the strongest plants survive, Maca was first fed by shepherds to their livestock, who noticed that the herb improved the overall health of their herds. When the Spanish army landed in Peru, soldiers reported similar effects.

In the past few decades, research teams in Great Britain, the United States, Australia and Peru have all produced research indicating that participants consuming the plant experience positive affects to both their sex drives and lifestyle.

Legend has it that the Inca warriors consumed the root of the Maca plant before going into battle, and it was also widely lauded as a libido-enhancing aphrodisiac, known as the ‘Peruvian ginseng.’


saffron is one of the best aphrodisiacs
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One of the most expensive spices in the world, saffron is worth every penny. Originating in the Mediterranean, the ingredient was used by the ancient Greeks to improve memory and vitality.

Saffron is best paired with savory dishes, including roasted chicken, fried calamari and an assortment of rich pastas, like risotto. Avoid buying saffron in powdered form, as the threads soaked in hot water are best for drawing out this unique flavor.

It’s said the Cleopatra bathed in saffron-infused mare’s milk before seeing a suitor.


spirulina is one of the best aphrodisiacs
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Found throughout Latin America and long used by indigenous groups, troves of this precious ingredient were found by French researchers in the 1960s. Spirulina is now sold in powder and capsule form, as a safeguard against mercury poisoning and reduced sex drive. 


Spirulina has been on the planet for over 3.5 billion years.

Raw Cacao

raw cacao beans are aphrodisiacs
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No list of aphrodisiacs would be complete without raw cacao, nature’s ultimate stimulant. Originating among the Mayans and Aztecs, raw cacao, when consumed, boosts blood circulation and serotonin levels. Rather than just consuming in chocolate form, we recommend getting creative: Use it in smoothies and baking vegan-friendly energy balls. 

The Aztec king, Montezuma was rumored to drink up to 50 cups of cacao daily to ensure power and performance in his harem.

Sarrah Rose is a certified tantric sex, love and relationship coach who has traveled the world and studied over a hundred modern and ancient texts to understand the best modern approach to ancient techniques of tantra. She also runs Tantric Activation, an online tantric sexuality coaching platform for men. In 2012 and 2013, Sarrah travelled to India, where she was trained in tantra. Sarrah then studied under legendary tantra coach Layla Martin at the Tantra Institute of Integrated Sexuality, where she received a certification as a Sex, Love and Relationship Coach. Sarrah has also worked with the visionary psychotherapist and relationship expert Esther Perel.