Techonomy is not a tech conference. It’s not a policy conference. It’s not a futurists conference.
Techonomy is focused on technology and business, which we see as the twin drivers of the future, for good or for bad. The three-day retreat on the California coast brings together influential voices from a variety of worlds for a no-holds-barred conversation about what the coming years will look like. We explore the technical, market, and ethical considerations that must come together for things to turn out well, and the stakes at play. We are deeply cognizant that success in the technological future is not guaranteed. While we’re huge optimists, it’s crystal clear how easily poorly conceived tech can go off the rails.
Who should attend?

(Photo: Paul Sakuma)

  • Anybody responsible for their company’s strategy
  • Anybody leading a company challenging the status quo
  • Anybody who thinks business should have a positive impact on the big issues of our day
  • Anybody who cares about the future of work
  • Anybody who is concerned about the impact of emerging technologies
  • Anybody leading a digital transformation team
  • Anybody who cares about regulation, pro or con
  • Anybody who thinks “purpose” is good for business

In other words, the people determining what the immediate future will hold in their business, in their community, and in society.
The event is purposely kept small so attendees, speakers, and media can all get to know one another. The conversation is not simply from the stage, but between everybody who attends. As a result, it’s a unique opportunity to get an array of perspectives, build your brand, and to do business.
But don’t take our word for it. Listen to John Chambers, the former CEO and Chairman of Cisco: “I’ve gotten more benefit from attending Techonomy than from any other conference in recent years.”
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