Retailers big and small are trying to chip away at Amazon’s growing competitive edge, in some cases even if it cuts into their own profits. A number of stores and e-commerce sites now offer same-day delivery as a way to ward off Amazon’s incursion into the realm of immediate gratification—one of the few remaining advantages of brick-and-mortar shopping. With Amazon hinting at expanded same-day shipping services, small companies like Shoptiques, along with bigger fish like Walmart, Macy’s, and Target, are exploring ways to offer same- or next-day delivery to their online customers, reports The New York Times. Shoppers using the eBay Now iPhone app in New York and San Francisco can select items from physical stores and have them delivered by courier for a $5 fee. It’s unclear whether retailers offering competitive fees for speedy delivery are able to clear a profit, and skeptics say the service is too expensive to be sustainable. But while customers aren’t necessarily clamoring for same-day delivery, they will increasingly demand it once Amazon and its competitors begin setting expectations.