Q: Tell us a little bit about your startup, the Justice Department. What’s your mission?

A: To accelerate the success of female founders, brands, executives, creative and talent to achieve equality and diversity in the market, workforce and workplace because when women have the same financial worth as men, the world will be a better place.

Q: Your Instagram username @jenniferjusticeleague positions you as somewhat of a superhero. What’s your power/superpower?

Connector of dots, mother of twins, breaker of the patriarchy. Ha!!!! Will only make sense if you watch GoT. Forging nontraditional paths and collecting relationships with shared visions. 


 You spent nearly two decades working as an entertainment and live experience attorney, first as partner at Carroll, Guido and Groffman, and then later as general counsel for Jay-Z’s Roc Nation before cofounding the Justice Department this year. What inspired you to try something new?

It was necessary—I needed to have purpose behind my work. I had come from nothing and had a relatively successful career but needed to put purpose behind it.

You’ve also spent much of your career working towards gender equality. What are the myths about gender inequality in the workplace that need to be exposed?


That is has gotten better. There may be more women in the workplace, but that just means more women to pay unequally. There are barely more women in positions of power, as decision makers or revenue generators. We may be able to wear pants and say we have children, but we still aren’t paid enough on a broad spectrum. 

Twenty-five years from now, what conversation do you think we’ll be having about women’s progress?

It better be, “we can’t believe where we were.” Hopefully on a global scale.