Rebecca Moffett

Rebecca Moffett

Vanguard Charitable

Rebecca Moffett has risen through the ranks of Vanguard Charitable since 2005, when she started as marketing manager, and culminating in 2021 when she took over the office of president. 

Why They Made the Worthy 100: Though she’s only had the president’s post at Vanguard Charitable for a little over a year, Moffett has already steered this leading nonprofit organization, which is also a sponsor of donor-advised funds, to a 14 percent increase in donations over the first half of 2022. That amounts to $952 million, which is even more notable since the organization has granted $14 billion since its founding in 1997. Moffett attributes the rise to a rise in disaster relief needs across the globe, including the war in Ukraine as well as education and healthcare. 

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