Lynn Fitch

Lynn Fitch

Mississippi Attorney General

Currently, Fitch is serving as the 40th Attorney General of Mississippi. She’s the first woman to be in the role in Mississippi’s history and the first Republican to do so since 1978. Before that, she served as the State’s Treasurer from 2012 to 2020. A native of Mississippi, she worked as a bond lawyer before entering government service in 2011.

Why They Made the Worthy 100: In 2022, Fitch launched not one but two critical initiatives to protect the women and children of Mississippi. In March 2022, she initiated the Mississippi Domestic Violence Registry (MSDVR). This database tool connects domestic violence data with law enforcement when needed and makes accessing the information easier for courtroom personnel. The platform uses an electronic system dubbed eCrash by the Mississippi Department of Public Safety, created by developers at the Alabama Center for Advanced Public Safety. Then in September, 2022, she announced a partnership with football greats Mike Singletary and Wesley Walls and the National Child ID program to distribute more than 41,000 child ID kits to kindergartens across the state. National Child ID Program Executive Director Kenny Hansmire said he was “humbled” by AG Fitch’s dedication to public safety over the past year. 

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