Lisa Franchetti

Lisa Franchetti

Admiral, United States Navy

While Lisa Franchetti initially studied to become a journalist, life took her in a different direction in 1985, when she began serving in the United States Navy. Since then, her list of achievements has been impressive. She’s been a navigator aboard the destroyer tender USS Shenandoah, an assistant surface operations officer aboard the aircraft carrier USS George Washington, and a commanding officer aboard the guided-missile destroyer USS Ross. Franchetti has served as a de facto military ambassador in South Korea. She’s commanded ships, squadrons, and strike groups; she’s earned the Legion of Merit five times; and she’s attained the rank of four-star admiral.

Franchetti became acting chief of naval operations, following the retirement of Adm. Michael M. Gilday earlier this year.

In September 2023, President Joe Biden nominated Franchetti to take on the position permanently. If the Senate confirms her, she’ll become the first female CNO in United States military history, as well as the first woman to serve on the Joint Chiefs of Staff in the Pentagon. “If your place is at the table, sit at the table; if you have something to say, say it,” she told Worth. “Leadership traits are not specific to men or women. Being a good leader is about being you and doing what you need to do to accomplish your mission and take care of your people.”

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