Kevin Bates

Kevin Bates

SHARP Development

Bates spent 30 years as a Silicon Valley real estate developer. He’s completed more than 50 buildings comprising over 2.5 million square feet. He founded Sharp Development Company to focus on high- and low-rise properties, including mid-sized medical and corporate campuses. 

Why They Made the Worthy 100: Mos real estate companies are focused purely on profit. Bates sets Sharp Development apart by repurposing existing buildings and by using cutting-edge technology to make them more effective for clients. He also focuses on sustainability and lowering the carbon footprint of every property. It’s an approach that has garnered a host of big-name clients, including Google and Volvo. In a recent interview with GreenBiz, Bates said, “we can take what we know and do a building now to emit zero carbon, net-zero energy, with that strong emphasis on health and wellness in the same amount of time [it takes to do] a big conventional retrofit.” While he admits this approach requires more upfront capital, he also maintains that the long-term return on investment is far more significant than the standard development approach. By focusing so closely on the intersection of sustainability and his clients’ needs, Bates has built a successful portfolio of properties that exemplify environmental awareness while also being significantly more profitable and healthier for eventual occupants. 

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