Kate Kallot

Kate Kallot

Founder, Amini

Kallot has a seemingly impossible goal: to transform an entire continent. Last year, she founded Amini (“believe” in Swahili), a startup that will use advanced AI algorithms to provide necessary ecological and economic data that African countries need to thrive. At present, the entire continent contributes approximately 3% of the global GDP—despite possessing one third of the planet’s mineral reserves and two-thirds of its unused arable land. Kallot aims to redress this imbalance with satellite imaging, weather data, and machine learning systems. Together, these tools could optimize Africa’s agricultural, mineralogical, and industrial output, and empower the workers responsible for it.

Having pioneered data management and global initiatives at Intel, Arm, and Nvidia, Kallot seems uniquely suited to her role. In May, Amini secured $2 million in funding from venture capital firm Pale Blue Dot, and Kallot believes the company will reach profitability within a year. Amini’s most pivotal days are still ahead of it, but if the company succeeds, it could have dramatic ramifications for the 1.2 billion people who call Africa home. Regardless of where they live, though, Kallot advised Worth readers to “[move] relationships from extractive to regenerative for our people and our planet.”

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