Karen Cahn

Karen Cahn

Founder and CEO, IFundWomen

Karen Cahn has been a trailblazer in catalyzing economic empowerment for female entrepreneurs. Cahn’s mission-driven crowdfunding platform, IFundWomen, was designed to level the playing field, particularly for women and marginalized groups historically underrepresented in venture capital funding. Her unique approach includes a fundraising platform and involves coaching and community components, arming entrepreneurs with the requisite skills to succeed. Using their proprietary coaching methodology, the IFundWomen Method, Cahn and her team help entrepreneurs prepare comprehensively for fundraising.

Through her initiatives, IFundWomen has cultivated an entrepreneur member base of more than 815,000, with 70% identifying as women of color. In just four years, the platform has achieved a remarkable feat—parity in funding between founders of color and non-WOC founders. With a genuine focus on creating debt-free solutions, Cahn has been instrumental in redefining the contours of entrepreneurship for women, making capital more accessible and equitable. Her work is a testament to the monumental change possible when vision, strategy, and advocacy converge.

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