Justin Winters

Justin Winters

One Earth

A passion for nature drives Justin Winters. It’s one of the reasons she is cofounder and executive director of One Earth, a nonprofit organization committed to accelerating collective action to help solve the climate crisis. To achieve her organization’s goals, which she hopes to do by the year 2050, One Earth attempts to galvanize science, advocacy, and philanthropy to drive collective action on climate change. It’s a vision for the world where “humanity and nature coexist and thrive together. This vision is based on three pillars of action: 100 percent renewable energy, protection and restoration of 50 percent of the world’s lands and oceans, and a transition to regenerative, carbon-negative agriculture.”

She also says that “science shows that all the solutions to the climate crisis exist today…. This is an opportunity we simply cannot afford to miss.”

Why They Made the Worthy 100: Winters has long been active in the world of philanthropy: Before her role as executive director of One Earth, she served as executive director of the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation for 13 years, where she built the organization’s grant-making program, which awarded over $100 million in grants across 60 countries and created a series of philanthropic funds, including Oceans 5, Shark Conservation Fund, The Solutions Funds, Lion Recovery Fund, Elephant Crisis Fund, and Quick Response Fund for Nature.

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